054 – Souls and Cities


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: After the fall of the Roman Republic, we ask the question: “why does it seem that no regime can endure?” According to Plato, part of the answer lies in the link between the soul and the city. In the words of Socrates, “the city is the soul writ large.” Tune in as we re-visit the Republic and learn more about the ancients’ thoughts on psychology and political philosophy.

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  1. Cheri

    Great episode!! Made me think beyond the “politically correct” point of view. I am definitely giving more attention to Plato. Thank you for bringing up subjects we tend to sometimes overlook…

    1. Will Webb (Post author)

      Thanks, Cheri! It’s funny…when I got into ancient political philosophy, I found myself sympathizing with the aristocrats. We’ll definitely say some nice things about democracy before it’s all over, too, though!


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