013 – Introduction to Egypt


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: In episode 13 of “The Heritage Podcast,” we sail along the banks of the Nile River to the land of pharaohs and pyramids. From the Old Kingdom to the New, we learn how an isolated desert valley played host to the first great African empire and founded a civilization that would captivate students of history for millennia to come.

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  1. Susan Udin

    The Rosetta Stone is not in the Louvre. It is in the British Museum.

    Thanks for these podcasts. I already know most of the information, but I always learn something new.

    1. Will Webb (Post author)

      You’re absolutely right! …I was envisioning Hammurabi’s Code, which I saw in the Louvre. How embarrassing! I’ll put out a correction as soon as possible. And thank you for writing in!

  2. Mike Hipp

    I have always been a little bit disappointed in the Carter quote upon peering into the Tutankhamun tomb. Maybe it’s because wonderful is overused today but given the propensity of scholars during that time to be verbose and eloquent, I would have liked a line that is a little bit more fitting to the moment. Wondrous would have been a good start but the sky is the limit. Think Neil Armstrong grandiose.

    1. Will Webb (Post author)

      I always imagined that Carter didn’t know his response would go down in history…that he was just responding honestly, in the moment! By comparison, Armstrong knew he had the biggest megaphone in history and the world’s undivided attention! I guess it’s kind of like last words…unless you know when and how you’re going to die, most people don’t have something snappy and inspiring ready for the occasion! (…now I feel like I need to give it some thought!)


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