Episode 003Primer on Logic:
Logical Fallacy List [Download]
Created by Jesse Richardson, Andy Smith, and Som Meaden
~ Provided under Creative Commons License88x31 ~


Episode 005Paleolithic Man:
Human Evolution Timeline [Download]
Virtual Tour of Lascaux Cave Paintings (in French)
Gallery of Cave Paintings
“What Makes us Human?” Leakey Foundation Documentary [Youtube]


Episode 006Neolithic Revolution & Climate Change:
Milankovitch Cycles Illustration [Download]


Episode 007Mythistory & Comparative Mythology:
Jung’s Archetypes Handout [Download]


Episode 008Ancient China: Xia to Han:
Archive of Classical Chinese Texts, Ohio State University [Free Text Online]


Episode 010The Indus, Aryans, and India:
Mukherjee, B.N. (1998) “The Unsolved Aryan Problem.” Indilogica Taurinensia, 23: 70-80. [Download]
Indo-European Language Tree [Download]
Created by Jack Lynch, Rutgers University


Episode 011Hinduism, its Literature, and Intro to Religion:
Concepts of God in Religious Studies [Download]
The Brahman in Hinduism [Download]


Episode 012Buddhism:
Zen Koans Collections [Free Text Online]
Article on Buddhism, Selfishness, and the Fear of Death [Full Text Online]


Episode 013Introduction to Egypt:
Building of the Pyramids [Free Text Online]
Egyptian Erotic Poetry [Free Text Online]
Hieroglyphics [Free Tutorials Online]


Episode 014Mesopotamia – Sumer to Chaldea:
Maps of Mesopotamia [Download]
The Hurrian Hymn, oldest known melody from Mesopotamia. [Listen]
◘ The British Museum’s Interactive Mesopotamia Website [Link]
Reading Cuneiform [Free Tutorials Online]
Hammurabi’s Code [Free Text Online]
Mesopotamian Art, and other links [Link]


Episode 015The Epic of Gilgamesh:
Literal Tablet Translation, see Reading List for Lesson Version
Essay Comparing Deluge Stories. (While this essay is from a creationist perspective, it contains some useful analysis and historical data, including a chart comparing details from the two flood stories.)


Episode 016The Ancient Hebrews & Monotheism:
Review Article concerning the origins of Hebrew Monotheism, Henotheism, &c. [Download]
Online Article concerning the historicity of the Hebrews in Egypt [Free Text Online]
Ur, Abraham’s Hometown! [Wikipedia]


Episode 018Tour of the Hebrew Bible:
◘ Rufus Wainwright’s “Hallelujah” Listen Online
◘ Old Testament Family Tree [Download]
◘ Old Testament Timeline [Download]


Episode 019Minoans & Mycenaeans:
◘ Map of the Aegean [Download]
◘ Minoan Frescoes: (a) Bull-Leaping, (b) Dolphins
◘ Knossos: (a) Floor Plan, (b) Reconstruction, (c) Video Tour
◘ Mycenae: (a) Lion Gate, (b) Mask of Agamemnon ~ Xuan Che, Provided under Creative Commons License 2.0 ~
◘ Scholarly Journal Article: Grethlein, Jonas. “Memory And Material Objects in the Iliad and the Odyssey.” The Journal of Hellenic Studies, 128 (2008): 27-51. [Download]


Episode 020Homer and the Epic:
◘ Deaths in the Iliad, a funny Infographic from GreekMythComix [Link]
Scholarly Journal Articles:
◘ Levin, Saul. “Love and the Hero of the Iliad.” Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association, 80 (1949): 37-49. [Download]
◘ Moulton, Carroll. “Similes the Iliad.” Hermes, 102 (1974): 381-397. [Download]
◘ Clark, Matthew. “The Concept of Plot and the Plot of the Iliad.” Phoenix, 55 (2001): 1-8. [Download]


Episode 021Greek Mythology and The Odyssey:
◘ Mensa Foundations’s “Guide to Greek Gods and Goddesses” [Download]
◘ Guide to Greek Mythology, courtesy of Landmark Christian School, Georgia [Download]
◘ Geoghegan, Vincent. “Pandora’s Box: Reflections on a Myth.” Critical Horizons: A Journal of Philosophy and Social Theory, 9(1), (May 2008): 24-41. [Download]


Episode 023Polis, Politics, and Persia:
Diagram explaining the Athenian Government / Constitution
Diagram explaining the Spartan Government / Constitution
Map of the Persian Empire, with satrapies and major battles.
◘ Hartog, Francois. “The City and the Democratic Ideal.” History Today, 44(2), (1994): [Full Text Online]


Episode 025Greek Drama and Aristotle’s Poetics:
◘ Chart: Tragedies and Comedies Compared [PDF Download] – created by Dr. L. Kip Wheeler, Carson-Newman College
◘ Photo: Epidaurus Theater (designed ca. 400 B.C.) [Download] – a good example of a large, outdoor theater carved into the mountainside.


Episode 026Intro to Western Philosophy:
◘ Will’s Timeline of Western Philosophy


Episode 028Pre-Socratic Philosophers – Italian Rationalists:
◘ Lynds, Peter. “Zeno’s Paradoxes: A Timely Solution.” (2003) [Preprint/Unpublished] – University of Pittsburgh Phil-Sci Archive
◘ Kahn. “The Greek Verb ‘To Be’ and the Concept of Being.” Foundations of Language, 2(3) (1966): 245-65. [Download]
◘ “Tortoise vs. Hare” Paradox Web App, adopted from Zeno’s “Tortoise and Achilles”


Episode 029Pre-Socratic Philosophers – Atomists & Pluralists:
◘ “Empedocles on Etna,” a poem by Matthew Arnold, 1852. [Full Text Online]


Episode 031Socrates:
◘ “Socrates and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: A Pathographic Diagnosis 2,400 Years Later.” Epilepsia, 47(3) (2006): 652-654. [Download]


Episode 033Plato’s Metahphysics – The Theory of Forms:
“Why Pi Matters,” by Strogatz, Steven. The New Yorker, March 14, 2015.


Episode 034Plato’s Allegory of the Cave:
◘ Flatland Explained in a diagram.
Diagram depicting Plato’s Cave.
◘ Another diagram depicting Plato’s Cave.
◘ Food for Thought? Click here.


Episode 036-037The Peloponnesian War, Parts 1-2:
◘ Donald Kagan’s interview with Yale’s The Politic magazine, on “The Peloponnesian War and American Democracy.” [Read Online]
◘ Journal article: Rhodes, P.J. “Thucydides on the Causes of the Peloponnesian War.” Hermes, 115 (1987): 154-65. [Download]
◘ Recipe for Dinuguan, a Filipino pork blood stew that is believed to resemble the “black gruel” of the ancient Spartans!


Episode 038Alexander the Great:
◘ Video: Shakespeare’s Hamlet (1996, Kenneth Branagh) – Act 5, Scene 1 – Discussion of Alexander starts at 2:10. [YouTube]
◘ Video: The Battle of Chaeronea. [YouTube]
◘ The Corinthian League Oath…note Alexander’s correspondence with the league, where he describes himself as “King of the Hellenes, except the Lacedaemonians (i.e., the Spartans).”
◘ Video: The Battle of Issus. [YouTube]
◘ Here’s a map showing Alexander’s marches throughout Asia.
◘ Here’s a map showing the breakup of Alexander’s empire into the kingdom’s of his successors, the Diadochi.
Just For fun: Lascaratos, J., et al. “The Ophthalmic Wound of Philip II of Macedonia (360-336 BCE).” Survey of Ophthalmology, 49 (2004): 256-61. [Download]


Episode 039Introduction to Aristotle:
Table illustrating Aristotle’s doctrines of category, change, and cause.
Phylogenetic tree representing Aristotle’s taxonomy for animals.


Episode 042-43Origins of Political and Economic Thought:
◘ Raven and French’s “Five Forms of Power” diagram.


Episode 044.1 – Shout-Outs, New Microphone:
Letters from Pliny the Younger to Emperor Trajan regarding persecution of Christians.


Episode 045Introduction to Rome:
◘ Detailed Atlas of the Roman Empire across time.
◘ Statue of the Capitoline Wolf who–according to legend–nursed Romulus and Remus!
◘ Etruscan Sculpture – The Sarcophagus of the Spouses (Read more here.)


Episode 046Roman Government:
◘ Graphic explaining the Roman Constitution.
◘ Graphic explaining the Cursus Honorum, or the “Course of Offices.”


Episode 047Roman Patronage, Warfare, and Values:
◘ YouTube video on Roman manipular battle tactics!
◘ Watch the first scene from Francis Ford Coppola’s “The Godfather”!
◘ Check out Mark Clark‘s album “Sing Along to History,” which includes the song you heard on the podcast: “Ancient Rome.”


Episode 048 – Roman Expansion to the Punic Wars:
The Battle of Trebia – animated simulation on YouTube.
The Battle of Lake Trasimene – animated simulation on YouTube.
The Battle of Cannae – animated simulation on YouTube.


Episode 049 – Syracuse, the Third Punic War, and Aftermath:
◘ A. TBA
◘ B.
◘ C.

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